Intellectual Property Litigation

Not every business achievement is reflected in accounts receivable and physical plants. Sometimes your best asset is the intangible result of hard work, long thought, and your good name coming together. Sometimes, it’s the secret process you’ve used to gain an edge on your competitors, or your written works of art, or your invention, or even the symbols and color by which the world knows you.

We recognize that your arts are at least as important as your crafts, and that the fruits of your mind are no less valuable than the fruits of your hands. Mr. Badeaux has spent nearly a decade representing intellectual property holders as well as those accused of stealing intellectual property, vindicating his clients’ rights to the hard work of their minds in court.

Representative Results:

  • Obtained summary judgment on company founder’s claims to own trademarks and website design in multiphase corporate divorce/shareholder’s derivative suit.
  • Obtained walk-away settlement before suit was filed in patent infringement case over a groundbreaking software suite.
  • Fought trade secret case to successfully obtaining voluntary injunction on use of manufacturing process, which in turn became a lucrative licensing agreement for client.
  • In a corporate divorce, negotiated resolution of a tenuous covenant not to compete on behalf of corporate entity into a voluntary injunction against competition in Georgia for five years.

Our practice areas include:

  • Trademark/Cyberproperty: It is how the world knows you, even more than by your product. It may be a design you spent weeks or months creating, or a domain name that took you hours of careful selection — and now someone is using it as their own, barely bothering to disguise their theft. We understand that this identity theft is no less important than the theft of your personal identity, and we will wrest it back.
  • Copyright: The internet that has made our world interconnected has also made defending your written and recorded work harder. Sometimes it’s theft under the guise of “fair use.” Sometimes it’s simply unabashed theft. Regardless of how your work is being taken from you, we understand the unique value of this kind of craft, and will bring the same determination to securing it you would.
  • Patent: That flash of inspiration is often the result of years of toil and sweat. Our patent system is designed to protect the investment you made getting to that flash of inspiration, and Mr. Badeaux’s unique scientific and technical history leaves him well-positioned not only to understand your innovation, but to protect it in court.
  • Trade Secret: Whether’s it’s your company’s secret recipe or special design process, this most inchoate of intellectual property rights is no less valuable just because you dare not apply for a formal protection from the United States Patent and Trademark office. Mr. Badeaux understands that every competitive edge is vital in these economic times, and both prepares your contractual and legal protections for your “secret sauce” and defends it in court.