Commercial and Business Litigation

Your time is money, and your dispute is already costing you money. Our job is not to talk, but to listen; to quickly, efficiently, and correctly identify your best solution and outcome, and to provide a roadmap to get there; and, finally, to execute. If you have come to us, your money is bleeding away with your time. You do the talking. We do the lawyering.

Mr. Badeaux has spent nearly ten years successfully litigating and trying almost every kind of business dispute imaginable. Representative samples include:

Representative Results:

  • Obtained unanimous Georgia Supreme Court ruling on issue of first impression, creating new law on managerial authority for limited liability companies, in litigation revolving around complex commercial real estate deal.
  • Obtained full value of director’s and officer’s policy for the executive client in a complex insured versus insured case.
  • Prevailed at summary judgment in Federal District Court in a multi-million dollar wrongful death case non behalf of car dealer accused of causing the wrongful death of a young woman by selling her a sport-utility vehicle.
  • Took a million-plus-dollar construction defect claim from answer to a settlement of less than $50,000 after over a year of extensive expert and fact discovery and summary judgment and Daubert motions.
  • Obtained a settlement of almost all damage claims in large commercial property insurance claim for insured business, after the insurance carrier denied coverage based on defenses with extensive case law history.
  • Obtained an interlocutory injunction forbidding a foreign motorcycle company from importing product into the United States as part of complex series of litigations and arbitrations over breach of contract and fraudulent inducement claims.

Our practice areas include:

  • Contract litigation: Whether the problem is a supplier who won’t supply, a buyer who won’t pay, a creditor who cuts off current credit, or a debtor who won’t pay its bills, we understand that these matters are your life’s blood.
  • Corporate litigation: You built your business, and now you risk losing it. Maybe it’s a business partner who’s made off with the client lists, or an ex-employee who is giving away your secrets to your competitors, or a merger gone bad. Regardless of the problem, we’ll work together to put it right.
  • Insurance coverage litigation: You pay your insurance company thousands in dollars in premium every year, sometimes when it’s your last nickel. Now you’ve made a claim because you’re being sued, or because you just lost your capital investment to a fire, or for a hundred other reasons, and the insurer has denied your claim, leaving you without funds when you need them most. Mr. Badeaux has represented both business-owners and insurance companies in these cases. We understand how the carrier thinks, and have vindicated our clients’ rights against those companies when they needed it most.
  • Complex litigation: Sometimes, the case is as complicated as your business. Your multi-part contract has gone to pieces. All of your careful work in getting your new headquarters built and operational has fallen apart as each and every contractor you hired has fouled up in some way. Your competitor has sued you on a one-hundred page complaint, trying to use its better funding to do what fair competition could not. The potential problems are infinite, but so are the solutions. We’re here to help.